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(translated by Nate Hun)
track 1 - PHNOM PENH
performed by The Royal University of Fine Arts
composed by Norodom Sihanouk
lyrics by Ouk Mau
Phnom Penh
The sacred city
A place where people come together
With modern buildings and roads
Built to perfection
A beautiful palace
Filled with arts and culture
A flawless city

It should be visited
By men and women
and every person
Phnom Penh
An admirable city
A city I long to visit
and explore with you
performed and composed by Sinn Sisamouth


My love, turn around and look at me
Listen to the thunder harmonizing with the rain
A rhythmic pounding sound sings
Narrating a story of nostalgia

The rain continues to fall with the sound of water dripping
They speak to one another while reminiscing
They sing to soothe and comfort you my love
Falling melancholy as it touches the earth

The rain falls hard soaking the ground
I'm here embracing you in my arms
Keeping you wrapped, every minute
I would never want to disappoint you

The sound of the rain mesmerizes
Soothing us both
Whispering to us, telling us
That this love is our destiny




track 4 - UNIQUE CHILD
performed by Houy Meas
When I see our daughter I start to miss you

You left silently and disappeared
I'm here lonely and cold
with our daughter, my heart and soul

Please stop asking for your father
My heart fills with pain and anxiety
Your father abandoned you and I
Leaving us in distress

A mother cries, a mother screams
A mother calls, promising her love
She waits, and waits
She'll always wait for her child's father

Please stop asking about your father
He's a womanizer and an embarrassment
This is our karma from our past lives
It's just something you'll have to accept




Track 6 - DON'T BE ANGRY

performed by Ros Serey Sothea


(I'm angry you've forgotten your promise)

My darling, oh my love
My darling, oh my love
We can't stop arguing, talking into the air
All night til morning, I miss you
and I dream of the love of my life

Stop being angry with me, darling
Stop being angry with me, darling
Please speak, I admit I'm wrong, please forgive me
I am at fault, it was a mistake
Darling, please stop being angry with me

(I'll stop being angry)




track 7 - DANCE A GO GO
performed and composed by Sinn Sisamouth
Tomorrow is Sunday
Tomorrow is Sunday
I was thinking of taking you out
Out to dance a go go

Tomorrow is Sunday
Tomorrow is Sunday
I was thinking of taking you out
Out to dance a go go

Everyone's clapping their hands
Along with the beat
We'll be dancing beautifully
To this new dance

I've decided to dance
To dance with only you
We'll dance until we're known
Known for dancing a go go
performed by Pen Ran
Love is so sweet
Oh! It's killing me!
Love is so sweet
Oh! It's killing me!
I'm dying because it's sweeter than honey
It makes a beautiful sound
It's making me ticklish
Please don't ever leave me!

My mind has gone blank
oh! My body is twitching!
My mind has gone blank
Oh! My body is twitching!
My face and lips feel like they're on fire
They've become so sensitive
I've got goosebumps
I'm in a daze!

This is just normal
oh! The taste of love!
This is just normal
oh! The taste of love!
As long as I'm faithful to you
Love oh Love
There isn't anyone that can escape it!
track 8 - FULL MOON
performed by Baksey Cham Krong
composed by Mol Samel
It's been so long I've waited for you, moon
You were still young
Not yet a full moon
Now darling, you are a full moon

My words are spoken out of love
Full moon, don't be upset
I want to enjoy this night
Don't be upset, you shine as bright as the sun

You are bright and shining when I see you
My hope is to enjoy the night with you
The moon rises high, I'm bearing the cold
As long I have your company I'm at peace
Don't be so quick to set away
Tomorrow your light starts to dim 
Soon you'll be fading away
Beautiful moon, why must you set away?
track 10 - THEVARY MY LOVE
performed by Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothea


Surrounded by nature, gazing at the sky

A flock of birds fly above us
Just like Thevary my love and I
Interacting with each other

The beauty of nature is peaceful and gentle
Despite it's astonishing grip, it's powerless against your love
Thevary you are more beautiful than any flower
In this world, you're my only one

Every time I see you you're more beautiful
Your sweet words make me forget the world

If your love was far away, like a distant star
I would perish

We pray for our wishes to come true
From here on and through all eternity
May we be bonded in every lifetime
The rising sun will attest to our love

track 11 - HEAVEN’S SONG
performed by Ros Serey Sothea
composed by Mer Bun


This song will hypnotize
The melody, so heavenly

Singing, performing, the sounds summon your soul
Gives you hope that when you look, you'll see heaven
Beautiful pools, temples in Rachana style
Women, flowers are all fragrant

A song to hypnotize your heart
A song to hypnotize your heart

It has the power to disguise reality
It serenades your heart, filling it with bliss
But love is only a counterfeit song
It's an illusion of heaven
And can turn out to be a nightmare
track 12 - NAVY A GO GO
performed and composed by Sinn Sisamouth

Navy... Navy... Navy... A Go Go

I see you looking glorious and beautiful
I was thinking if you were to dance
A figure like yours, you would look great
Not small, not big, you’ve got a perfect shape

Deep dark eyes, they shine like a polished gem
Your skin is flawless, I’m falling in love
Round shaped eyebrows to go with those eyes
Perfect straight teeth, every time you smile I feel paralyzed

A Go Go... A Go Go...
Every time you smile I feel paralyzed

I promise you, you’re the only one
All I want is to be next you, Navy
Won’t you please have mercy on me
Please consider my words darling I’m begging you

I’ll keep waiting, waiting for you
Until death, I’ll wait for you
Waiting here, my heart is faithful to you
Wonderful Navy, please have mercy on me

A Go Go... A Go Go...

Wonderful Navy, please have mercy on me

A Go Go...

track 13 - CONSOLE ME
performed by Sieng Vanthy
composed by Voy Ho
Darling oh darling
Why are you upset?
You're speaking so differently, not like yourself
Are you upset with me or someone else?
Please, won't you please tell me?

You seem so strange
This isn't like you
In the past you would always think of me
Now you're easily mad, quick with a temper
Or did another woman hurt you?

Be honest with me
What have I done wrong?
A man's love is like the ocean
It splits to 10 rivers but it's never enough
Won't you please tell me the truth?

Hey there darling
Don't be upset with me
Don't look sad like a cloudy sky
I am a flower, you are a bee
If you see me crying, please console me


performed by Yol Aulorong and Va Savoy
Don't be absurd you savage
Take a look at yourself
How dare you say such indecent things
You don't recognize me but I'm a legendary master
I'm a hermit's student, I have nothing to fear
Die, Die, sacrifice for victory
You coward, you're a woman's slave

Why don't you brag now
You starving thief
My anger is burning because of you
My master is respected by many
Stop trying so hard, You'll die under a woman's skirt
Look at yourself before you speak those words
I will fight as needed, I'm not afraid of death
performed and composed by Drakkar
I'm crazy loving you
Beautiful darling please be kind
I choke up inside
If you don't show compassion

I'm crazy over your beauty
Your beauty, is like a goddess
I'm crazy caught up in love
There's not a moment of rest

When will you understand
You're the one I long for
You will be my destiny
I just want to be with you

Every day it's you
You're the one I dream of
I want you next to me
and to become my lover

They say I'm under your spell
But I'm just crazy loving you
They say I'm under your spell
But I'm just crazy loving you
track 17 - CYCLO
performed by Yol Aularong
lyrics by Yol Aularong
music by Has Salon
Cyclo... Cyclo... Cyclo...

Riding a cyclo
To central Market
Checking out girls
Wearing maternity blouses
Those maternity blouses
Thought she was knocked up
But she's not
It's just a popular new style

Riding a cyclo
To the old market
There's plenty of girls
They're all powdered up
Wearing pig tails
They crouch to sit
While buying rambutans
They're wearing maternity blouses again oh!

Every day I ride a cyclo and check out girls
If this makes me poor, that's all right

(turn left, turn right, stop light)
Hello! Hello! Miss! Where are you heading to?
performed by Ros Serey Sothea
What am I to do now?

I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong
I’ve tried to keep you pleased every night
Is there someone new, now you’re forgetting me?

If you come back I’d welcome you
We’ll start a new chapter of our lives
The old pot still cooks rice you once enjoyed
Eaten day or night, the rice is always warm



performed and composed by Sinn Sisamouth


Don't think I've forgotten
I'll always remember you
All the things you've said to me
Even after many years I'll still remember

Don’t think I’ve forgotten
I won’t forget our love
Even after death I’ll remember
The love we shared together

I promise in my heart
I truly love you darling
There is only you
I'm faithful, I'm faithful
I can't forget

Don’t think I’ve forgotten
I’ll always remember your fragrant scent
All the stories are not forgotten
You have my word, I won’t forget


track 20 - OH PHNOM PENH
performed by Cheam Chansovannary
composed by Keo Chenda
Oh, Phnom Penh
For three years
I never stopped missing you
We were separated
and my heart was broken
Because the enemy tore you away from me

When I was forced to leave you
Anger burned in my heart
Compelling me to avenge your suffering
To prove my faithfulness to you

Phnom Penh, our spiritual, beloved city
Despite three years of hardship you survived
With a rich history of bravery
You've bestowed upon the Cambodian soul

With a history well known by the world
The Cambodian soul lives on
Under the pride of Angkor
You continue to live on
Under the pride of Angkor, Oh!



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